We had the pleasure of having Travis Wagner guest artist for a couple of weeks with us at Alberta Ink in December 2017. Not only were we all impressed with his artistic talent, but as well, his personality! He was an absolute joy to work with! He displayed to his clients the utmost respect. His clients loved him, especially his singing! He has agreed to come back to guest with us again sometime time this fall, looking so forward to it!

Alberta Ink, Lethrbidge Alberta.

Travis is awesome! Super chill! He whipped up an unbelievable bulldog mural for us in no time at all for a very reasonable price. We gave him a small colour picture of a bulldogs face that we found on google and he did an IDENTICAL photo realism 8×8 foot black and white portrait of it on our back wall in less than 5 hours. We’ve got nothing but complements regarding the piece ever since. It was well worth it!!!

The Vancity Bulldog Café

I just got a tattoo yesterday to cover a scar on my back that made me self conscious from Travis and he did an amazing job! Very professional, clean, comfortable atmosphere and I loved his singing to keep my mind off the pain! Thanks so much Travis now I can enjoy the rest of summer in my tank tops and dresses! I highly recommend Travis for any tattoo he is very detail oriented! My butterfly looks real!

Susan Campbell

I have gone thru the worst devastation any parent will ever go thru. My son’s life was taken from him. I won’t go into detail but a parent shouldn’t have to bury their child.

A year ago I met Travis after watching some of his video’s showcasing his amazing talent. I was brought to tears several times and laughed as well at his antics. I knew right away I had to ask him to paint a mural for me. I asked him to paint on the hood of the truck my son had. He loved his truck.

Travis captured the essence of not only my son but my two daughters all on this hood. His work is truly incredible with attention to detail and I will forever be in his dept. You have given a beautiful gift to this family to cherish forever.

Susan Simning

I’ve known Travis for several years since he first helped me establish my live music venue and I’ve always appreciated his advice. A man of many talents, he’s particularly talented when it comes to art and design. I commissioned him to create several murals on the wall of my bar. They went up exceptionally quickly and were admired by a great many people. A lot of people weren’t sure who Jim Morrison was, but that was more to do with their youthful age than Travis’ depiction! Jim’s been gone a long time… Anyway, the murals are still there even though I abandoned the bar. It’s a supermarket now so a new breed of customers get to enjoy them. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process from start to finish and we even made a video about it too. Travis is good fun to work with and he’s sure to do something special for you too.

Andy Jopson, the Led Zephyr, Cambodia

I am going through a rough patch in my life and i decided to do something for myself, that i have wanted to do for along time.So i went to Travis with an idea for a tattoo for my chest .He designed a piece that turned out to be the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.It exceeded all my expectations

Now when i am sad and having a bad day i look at it and smile,it reminds me that i am strong and can get through anything.

Travis is the best and i would recommend him to ANYONE!!!!

Natasha Sojka

I have known Travis since I was 5 years old. I have always known him to be kind, charismatic, artistic, and funny as hell. I have had the pleasure of following Travis through out this journey that he has been on. I have watched him share his talents with people across the world, and selflessly volunteer his time and talent to people who needed, and deserved a pick me up. That is what Travis does, both with his charming personality, and his undeniable talents…He puts a smile on peoples faces!! Its impossible to be in his company and not have a smile on your face. Travis’s love for what he does, shines through. He is dedicated to his art, and gives 100% in everything he does. Whether painting a mural, or canvas, or tattooing, you know if you hire Travis to do a job for you, you are going to be beyond satisfied. This has been my experience, and the experience of so many others. Recently Travis tattooed a dragon fly on me, in memory of my Grandfather. I am in love with it! People are always complimenting the fine details, and bright colors. Even the experience of spending the time with Travis while he completed my tattoo, was enjoyable. Like I said earlier, its impossible to be around this guy, and not be enjoying yourself!!! A guy with this much dedication, and this much talent, deserves all the recognition in the world. Im proud to call you a friend Travis! Keep on keepin’ on!!!

Jami Cherry

We hired Travis to paint a mural on our daughters wall. He was very communicative before hand and always got back to us quickly. Once he started the job he worked amazingly fast. Our daughter gave him free range to do what he wanted, except for colour choice and theme – she wanted a galaxy and let him put his own personal touches on the mural but he always made sure she was ok with what he did as he went along. She absolutely LOVES her wall and every time she looks at it she finds new areas that intrigue her!! Travis was very professional and careful in the job he did and we’d definitely hire him again if we were to do another project like this. We would recommend him to others any day!!

Melanie Yanoshewski

An amazing guy and an amazing transformation to my business, has turned my restaurants white walls into a living jungle (with waterfalls).
The starwars themed movie room is out of this world!!
Great imagination and great to work with.

GiliFit Gym and Fitness

We hired Travis to do a large 50’s themed mural at our restaurant. He is very communicative and presented ideas that fit perfectly with what we wanted. We are very happy end result.

Geordie young

I knew Travis could paint well so for the longest time I had bugged him to paint me the character, Predator. He started accumulating supplies and eventually agreed and stayed with me for 3 weeks creating my favourite work of art and one of his first canvas paintings. He is such a perfectionist and created all these cool texture and pattern stencils. Predator turned out amazing and was the best and most sentimental gift to me at that time. He started doing a mural at the children’s hospital and that’s when I saw his true heart and talent. When he finished, I had to have another and bugged him again to paint me Wolverine. This one was so amazing that I wanted to give him good money for it. A truely talented artist who would twist his dirty hat for anyone.

Rachael Hubert

Travis painted at our Hostel. Not only was he a pleasure to have around, his artwork created a buzz while it was being created & has brightened up the building since it’s completion. Top stuff.

Siem Reap Hostel

My friend had approached Travis Vagner ( Brush Strokes) because she had been a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen for me, as I fought my battle with Cancer, and my Dad losing his battle with Cancer within months of each other.

Travis helped me heal and made me smile by painting a portrait of me and my dad. As the only pictures I had of us, as adults, of when we were both sick, either I was bald or he was bald, or he had deteriorated to the point that he didn’t look like my dad anymore.


I was blown away by the painting, how he captured my dads personality in his eyes, I could gaze at that painting for hours and talk to my dad.. and see MY dad, the healthy dad.. in that painting I found the experience overwhelming, wonderful, heartbreaking( in a great way), amazing, eye opening all in a moments time.

I would recommend Travis Vagner to people who need/want to have their lives changed by a painting.

I don’t know how he does it, but he gave me a memory of my dad that I didn’t have, and always wanted.. and for that I cannot thank him and his crew enough!

Jennifer Cutting